24 January 2012

£1 a day to keep Ken away

By Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

There are 100 days to go until Londoners head to the polls to vote for their Mayor.

We're in for a tough fight to stop London being taken backwards.

To compete with Ken Livingstone's union funded and controlled campaign, I need your help.

My campaign needs the support of Londoners like you who think that a pound a day is a small price to pay to keep Ken (and his union bosses) away.

Please donate today: www.backboris2012.com/keepkenaway 

Of course it's not just about keeping Ken out. We have a record which shows Londoners can trust us to deliver on our promises:

  • crime is down by 10%
  • bus crime is down by 30%
  • there will be 1,000 more police on the streets and a million extra patrols a year by May 2012
  • the Mayoral share of council tax has been frozen for three years in a row and I'm fighting to freeze it for a fourth
  • billions are being invested in transport, creating 32,000 jobs
  • the Olympic facilities have been delivered on time and under budget

But there is still more we must do.

So please invest just £1 a day (or whatever you can afford) to keep London moving in the right direction: www.backboris2012.com/keepkenaway

Together we can continue making London an even greater place to live.


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