09 December 2011

WATCH: Bendy buses off London's roads




When Boris Johnson was elected in 2008 Londoners were tired of Ken Livingstone's mayoralty. They were tired of the cronyism, divisiveness and the endless broken promises. Boris promised to work day and night to turn things around.

Through positive, optimistic leadership Boris has delivered promise after promise.

He said he would scrap the Western Extension of the congestion charge, and he did.

He said he would keep council tax low, and he has frozen his share every year.

He said he would put more police on the street and make London safer, and he has.

And he promised he would end the era of the bendy bus.

At just after midnight tonight, the bendy bus on route 207 from White City to Hayes by-pass will make its final journey.

Introduced in June 2002 by Ken Livingstone, bendy buses were unsuitable for London's roads. Too often they were involved in dangerous accidents and it was too easy to avoid paying.

By scrapping them, Boris is not only delivering on his promise, he is delivering value for money during tough times. Transport for London estimate that £7m will be saved through reduced fare dodging.

It's another promise delivered from a Mayor who has positive plans to take London in the right direction.

We have come a long way, but there is much still to do. With London preparing to welcome the world for the Olympics, we must not put this progress at risk.

Watch the video above, then share it with your friends, family and colleagues to spread the word.

Teams of Boris Backers have been out today, leafleting to let Londoners know that by tomorrow morning, all bendy buses will be off the capital's streets.

*Find out more about Boris Johnson's record of delivery here - www.backboris2012.com/achievements


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