16 December 2011

K&C benefits from Boris's hard work

By Will Gallagher, Kensington and Chelsea resident

When you’re working hard, watching your budget, and feel that sometimes keeping all the plates spinning is an impossible task, you have little patience for politicians who make gimmicky announcements  - you want a Mayor who just get things done. Most importantly, you want a Mayor who focuses on the practical things which make your life better and your community safer.

As someone who has relied on my car, it made a huge difference when Boris scrapped the Western Extension Zone of the congestion charge; it has made a difference too that – through the permit scheme Boris introduced to reduce the amount of roadworks – there are not constant traffic jams in K&C; and it’s the little details like reviewing the sequencing of traffic lights, which have made driving in the borough much less stressful and frustrating!

I use the tube every day, so the Circle Line extension implemented by Boris means there are more trains running through my local station, and the whole system feels much more reliable. Again, when you’re in a rush, you don’t want to wait for a train. Boris understands that; he’s done something practical about it, and made life that bit better for people living in K&C.

When working long hours and coming home in the dark, it is reassuring that I now often see a police officer on patrol when I’m getting in. I’ve read that there are over 4,000 more police patrols in K&C because of the reforms Boris has made – I can certainly believe it!

Finally, as someone who watches his budget, I want a Mayor who watches his budget too. I’m grateful to Boris for freezing his share of our council tax bills. He clearly understands that life can be tough at the minute, and is doing everything he can to help.

So there isn’t one big reason I’m supporting Boris – for me it’s the combination of all the things, big and small, that Boris has done, which make everyday life easier, safer and more affordable for Londoners. That’s why I’m backing Boris in 2012. 

To find out more about what how Boris is delivering for Kensington and Chelsea, visit www.backboris2012.com/where-you-live/kensington-and-chelsea


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