14 December 2011

Improvements in Barnet

By Lillian Gellnick, Barnet resident

I shall be backing Boris Johnson again in the 2012 Mayoral election because, as a pensioner and a resident of the London Borough of Barnet since 1964, I have noticed the improvements in this area since he became Mayor of London.

By freezing council tax again, again and again he’s really helping those on a tight budget cope with rising bills and the ever increasing prices in the shops. Scrapping the wasteful Londoner newspaper to help keep tax down really is the kind of thing we want our Mayor to do.

And it’s easier to get out and about these days, too. There do seem to be fewer unnecessary roadworks clogging up the streets and people I know who use the Northern Line really do welcome the great upgrade plans.

But speaking personally, perhaps the best thing he has done in the last three years is really lead the fight against crime. It isn’t just statistics you read in the paper, but real police officers seen out on the beat which make me feel a lot safer.

To find out more about what how Boris is delivering for Barnet, visit www.backboris2012.com/where-you-live/barnet


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