09 December 2011

Call from home for BB2012

John Moss, candidate for the City & East London Assembly seat, blogs about how telephone canvassing helped win for Boris in 2008.

What could be easier than sitting at home with a cup of tea and making a few phone calls? Well, that's exactly what a few hundred people did in 2008 and in doing so, helped Boris to beat Ken Livingstone.

I joined the campaign team full time in March 2008 and was asked if I could make anything of “a few people who’ve offered to make calls from home”. By polling day, over 600 people had signed up.

Between them, they contacted over 50,000 households over a four week period, just by making a few calls from home. Some people dedicated all their waking hours to it and others made a calls as and when they had a spare moment, but all the results helped target our efforts in the last few days and deliver the win for Boris.

Now we’re doing it again. We’ve got call centres running most nights each week, but the BackBoris2012 team have also got an online version, so it doesn’t matter of you are totally, furiously busy - you can help by making just a few calls each week.

Sign up and every time you make a call you’re helping the campaign: www.backboris2012.com/call

If you do want to work alongside others, then come along to one of our call centre sessions, so you can see and hear what others are doing and get a feel for the system. There is a great atmosphere and we usually end up in the pub afterwards!

So, if you have a free calls package on your home phone, or spare contract minutes on your mobile, get in touch, sign up, sign in and get calling!


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