12 December 2011

Bromley much better with Boris

By Brian Cooke,  Bromley resident        

In the almost four years since Boris Johnson was elected Mayor of London, the residents of Bromley have seen a huge number of benefits.
Bromley has no Tube stations, yet many borough residents commute into central London so the extension of Oyster pay as you go, after many years of rhetoric but no action by Livingstone, has been of great benefit to Bromley folk. It has made travel on the train not only cheaper but much more convenient. 
Senior citizens much appreciate that they can now use their Freedom Pass on the buses and trams 24 hours a day. Bromley is London's largest borough with a great bus and tram network so being able to use a Freedom Pass before 9am for those essential journeys like health appointments means a lot to local people.
In Bromley a massive 18 bus routes have been expanded or improved under Boris and the tram system that serves Beckenham, Birkbeck and Elmers End has been improved immeasurably both in frequency and reliability. 
Crime on transport, particularly on buses was rife four years ago. You hardly ever hear it mentioned these days and people no longer fear traveling on buses thanks to the huge and very effective expansion of police teams dedicated to transport.  

And, in Bromley we have 77 more uniformed police or PCSOs, a 14.8% fall in all crime with double that in robberies and youth violence. That speaks for itself! 
Boris has also frozen his share of council tax for three years in a row, whereas Livingstone hiked it by a massive 153% with little or no benefit seen in outer London. 
Town centres, particularly Orpington, but also Beckenham, Penge, Bromley and West Wickham have had huge and continuing improvements thanks to investments from TfL, as well as the Mayor's Outer London Fund, revitalising them and supporting local businesses.    
And we see Boris in Bromley far more. He understands outer London. Ken Livingstone was like cab drivers used to be - never going south of the river!     
Bromley has seen real improvements with Boris as Mayor over the last three and a half years. There has been real progress and we need him for at least another four years to make sure that continues.

To find out more about what how Boris is delivering for Bromley, visit www.backboris2012.com/where-you-live/bromley


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