15 December 2011

Boris in Brent

By John Detre, Brent resident

What I like most about Boris is he delivers on his promises. I was delighted when he got rid of the bendy buses, especially on the 18 route, as they regularly created congestion. I can’t wait to see the new double decker that is being deployed shortly.

I go to the theatre in Westminster regularly and prefer to take my car, so Boris’s opposition to the crazy scheme to charge for night time parking shows he puts London residents and businesses ahead of political interests.

Thank goodness he has reduced the congestion zone introduced by his predecessor. It makes driving in West London so much easier.

Boris’s programme to make utility companies apply for a permit to dig up roads is also good news. It means that TfL and the council will finally be able to stop the constant traffic jams caused by unnecessary road works in my area. It's great to hear he is working on a way of incentivising work on main roads at less busy times, as well.

As someone focused on regeneration I’m glad that Boris has allocated £400,000 for the Brent River Park. It is part of a programme that will open up bits of Alperton for the benefit of us all.

Though I'm over 60, I still enjoy using the Barclays Bike scheme Boris introduced. I hope we see the scheme expand further during his next term - just one of the reasons I'll be voting for him is to ensure this happens!

To find out more about what how Boris is delivering for Brent, visit www.backboris2012.com/where-you-live/brent


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