02 December 2011

Boris delivers for Enfield

By Lindsay Rawlings, Enfield resident, Edmonton

Living in Enfield, it's nice to finally have a Mayor who doesn’t just pay lip service to working for people living in the outer boroughs.

Take Oyster cards. When they were first introduced, those of us who rely on the overland trains waited and waited to be included. Ken Livingstone promised they would be coming but nothing ever happened. It took Boris Johnson to come in and actually deliver what we wanted…seven years later.

Those in the west of Enfield who use the Piccadilly line have also benefited thanks to the increased levels of investment which has meant increased reliability on the service.

And Boris has pushed through the redevelopment of the North Circular Road through the south of the borough along with the restoring of many dilapidated houses bringing them back to use.

The focus of the Mayor on education has also had a strong impact in our borough. The Aylward and Nightingale Academies, which were opened in Edmonton, were the first two Mayoral Academies in London. Both schools have reported much better exam results than they had in their previous guises and are a great example of what Academies can achieve.

For school leavers, there have also been increased levels of support thanks to the Mayor. Over 2,500 apprenticeships have been created in the Borough, offering, in these difficult times, an opportunity for young people to enter the workforce.

All of these measures have made those who live in Zones 5 or 6 feel more included in our city. Living in the suburbs you can feel a bit separate from the rest of London but we use the same services and pay the same tax to City Hall (which has been frozen every year Boris has been in office). It is nice to have a Mayor who does not just pay lip service to governing for all Londoners.

To find out more about what how Boris is delivering for Enfield, visit www.backboris2012.com/where-you-live/enfield


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