01 December 2011

A pretty exciting place to live

By Matthew Woods, Hackney resident

Hackney’s a pretty exciting place to live right now.

From my house I can see the Olympic Stadium and the refurbished London Overground. And we need someone who can make sure we get the most out of these new opportunities.

The Olympics are a great opportunity for Hackney, and although lots of people think it’s costing an arm and a leg, it was costing an arm and two legs before Boris got hold of it!

When our Residents’ Association in Hackney Wick was concerned that we’d be left out in the cold by the Action Plan after the Games, I got Assembly member Andrew Boff involved. Within a few days, Boris had written to us to assure us the Legacy Company were committed to working with us after the games to stick to the Area Action Plan.

Boris knows that with the government being skint, it’s vital to bring business into an area to improve things and create jobs, which is why he badgered Barclays to bring the Boris Bikes to Shoreditch and why he pushed the PM to sell Hackney to new tech start-ups.

Hackney is special because of the people who live there, and I think Boris recognises that, whether championing creative industries, making sure the Overground gets upgraded to link Hackney up, or backing Anglo-Turkish shopkeepers who took on the rioters.

He knows what we all know- that beat policing and more patrols are the key to keeping Hackney safe, which is why we’ve got 28 more police officers, 23 more PCSOs and 57 more Specials on the streets.

Boris backs the people who make London, and Hackney tick, which is why I’m backing Boris.

To find out more about what how Boris is delivering for Hackney, visit www.backboris2012.com/where-you-live/hackney


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