28 November 2011

Transforming Waltham Forest

By Letrois Bernard, Waltham Forest resident (Leytonstone)

Mayor Boris Johnson has placed a great deal of emphasis on improving the communities in Outer London and this is evident in my home borough of Waltham Forest.

Boris has set aside a £50m Outer London Fund to help regenerate suburban town centres,  such as Wood Street town centre in Walthamstow, in the heart of the borough.

Thanks to this investment, this area is being transformed from a bland, boring high street into a safe, tidy shopping area and is giving residents a real sense of pride in their area. I know that the mayor is keen for more areas to benefit from this fund and I'm sure that more of Waltham Forest will benefit in the long term.

The extra street trees which have been planted up and down the borough from Chingford to Leytonstone - paid for in part by scrapping The Londoner, Ken Livingstone's propaganda sheet that cost the taxpayer millions - have benefited the borough, as well, making the streets more pleasant.

When Boris asked for our vote in 2008, he pledged to unrelentingly focus on crime. In our borough, we are seeing what that pledge means.  Boris has put more police on our streets, and this is visible on our local high street. It’s also comforting to know that with the mayor’s introduction of single patrolling we are seeing more patrols on our streets. This provides the much needed reassurance that only a regular, visible police presence can provide.

These measures have definitely made a difference in how safe I feel walking around Waltham Forest.

Less congestion is also noticeable on the roads thanks to the Mayor's permit scheme - which helps cut down unnecessary roadworks. To complement this, TfL has invested almost £1m which has helped fund much needed road improvements.
Improved transport links and the Oysterisation of national rail in London mean residents in Chingford, Highams Park and Walthamstow can now use their Oyster cards, after years of promises under the last regime.
A positive transformation of the borough has begun and long may it continue with Boris at the helm.

To find out more about what how Boris is delivering for Waltham Forest, visit www.backboris2012.com/where-you-live/waltham-forest


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Posted by Anonymous at 28 November 2011, 10:58

Back Boris,we are the volunteer for the campaign.
we need your to be re-elected again as a major of london..and your can look after the city like your do.

Posted by Anonymous at 28 November 2011, 08:45

Whatever plans Boris has for Walthamstow - I certainly hope they dont include bringing back the gambling on dogs!