29 November 2011

Kingston better with Boris

By Ian George, Kingston resident (Surbiton)

Kingston is a great place to live. However, we were the forgotten borough when Ken Livingstone was in power. Boris has changed all of that and now I’m noticing the improvements. 

I’m particularly impressed with the campaign to make Kingston’s buses safer. I’ve noticed more police at the local train and bus stations, so it’s no wonder that crime on buses has fallen with Boris at the helm. Places like Surbiton, New Malden and Chessington are reliant on public transport and people need to feel safe using it.

However, it’s not just crime on transport that has been a problem in Kingston. In Kingston town centre and other areas around the borough, we have suffered from too much antisocial behaviour and minor crime.

Thankfully Boris has made safety one of his priorities and there are now more police officers and special constables making an extra 2,400 patrols in the borough every year. I really appreciate this, as it’s no good living in a lovely area unless you feel safe enough to enjoy it.

Living in Kingston, we all have to put up with paying high council tax rates. But Boris has cut the waste and frozen City Hall’s share of the council tax, helping families keep living costs down. 

I’m backing Boris to continue with his improvements to local transport and policing for Kingston residents. Voting for anyone else would see Kingston become the forgotten borough once again.

To find out more about what how Boris is delivering for Kingston upon Thames, visit www.backboris2012.com/where-you-live/kingston-upon-thames


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