30 November 2011

Join the phone canvassing team!

By Ran Murray, Boris Backer

Last night I attended the first of many BackBoris2012 telephone canvassing sessions at their new call centre in Canary Wharf. Enthusiastic volunteers came from across London to connect with voters over Boris’s achievements and their opinions on the capital's future.

Fuelled by the provisions laid on by the BackBoris team, I made loads of calls to voters and, from what I could hear, the other new canvassers did a fantastic job spreading the word about the Mayor's record.

One supporter I spoke to living in Limehouse expressed that she felt safer in her area since Boris took charge of the capital’s police, putting more officers to the streets and increasing numbers. It was wonderful to hear first-hand the impact policies can have on one lady’s life.

The BackBoris2012 telephone canvassing sessions are running every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night at different locations across London.

I know I'll be doing lots of Tuesdays at the new Canary Wharf location, so check out the BackBoris2012 events page now to find out which sessions suit you!


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