09 November 2011

I welcome Boris’ improvements to front-line policing in Lambeth

By Andrew Gibson, Boris supporter, Lambeth

In Lambeth, the benefits of having Boris Johnson as Mayor are very practical and highly noticeable.

In my local park, a friend works with neighbours on a “grow-your-own” vegetable plot. The social and environmental benefits of bringing city dwellers closer to nature and the food chain are immense. So I am pleased that Boris has created over 80 green spaces in Lambeth alone that will allow similar schemes. 

I work irregular hours and often travel on the No 3 bus and the Victoria Line between Lambeth and Westminster very early in the morning or late at night. So I welcome Boris’ improvements to front-line policing, with the focus on public transport. The noticeable police presence certainly reassures me when I'm travelling at night.

The Tube booze ban has also made a real difference. I lived in Tokyo for five years and, thanks to Boris’ changes, I think that the sense of safety on public transport is now about equal between the cities, but when it comes to comfort and convenience London is pulling ahead. The investment in the Victoria line is welcome, especially the easier platform access to the carriages.

Our local council doesn't seem interested in helping our high street. In sharp contrast, Boris has allocated £310,000 to the upgrading of our town centre and some £375,000 for nearby Streatham.

Finally, I value the planting of more trees – some 350 trees in Lambeth, and many more across London – which Boris paid for by axing “The Londoner” propaganda sheet.

Boris is certainly making a marked improvement to life in Lambeth. Ken Livingstone now seems so remote and divisive and I would never want to go back.  

To find out more about what's been happening in Lambeth, visit www.backboris2012.com/where-you-live/lambeth


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