10 November 2011

Boris delivers for Bexley

By Rob Leitch, Boris supporter, Bexley

I have always been a Bexley boy – born and educated. And this year I have managed to get on the property ladder with my partner in the borough.

I work in London and so join the significant number of commuters who work hard in the city centre and return to our suburban surroundings in the evenings. One of my sisters still lives in the borough with her husband and young children and my mum has worked in Sidcup for over sixteen years.

My family is pretty typical of many in Bexley – we work hard, we care about our local schools, we want our high streets to remain full of life; our potholes to be filled; our transport system to be reliable; and for local crime and anti-social behaviour to be tackled effectively. I would describe our local concerns as commonsense priorities for Bexley.

In response, Boris has delivered.

Budgeting to get on the property ladder this year would have been much harder if we had not benefited from Boris’ freezing of Bexley’s council tax. Meanwhile, particularly with the recent arrival of young nephews, it is so reassuring to see more police on the street. They really are a deterrent.

In recent years, we have all seen the sad decline of local high streets as massive shopping centres have sprung up. Yet, instead of letting Bexley’s high street and local economy slip away, Boris’s Outer London Fund is really helping Bexley remain competitive despite the global economic problems.

And his investment has transformed Parish Wood Park. This has turned a neglected space that had poor access, fly tipping and few facilities for children into somewhere families can enjoy. 

Under Boris, things in Bexley have improved. Put simply, it is because Boris is constantly mindful of the needs of our borough when he sits in City Hall. In contrast, under Ken Livingstone, Bexley and other similar suburbs in the South East didn’t seem to be on his radar at all. We were forgotten about and neglected. Ken only seemed to care about the areas that he could reach by Tube!

I want Boris to be re-elected for very simple reasons – he will remember Bexley when he makes policy for London. Boris will visit Bexley, he will take an interest the commonsense issues facing residents in outer London, and he will continue to deliver on the issues that mean most to Bexley residents – protecting local jobs, tackling crime and investing in transport.


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