30 November 2011

A real difference in Merton

By Sarah McAlister, Merton resident

Since Boris was elected, I've noticed a real difference in my local area. Having Oystercard readers installed in my local station (Motspur Park) has been one of the most useful improvements.

I travel all over the place in London but not often enough to get a season ticket, so once the kids are up and out of the house in the morning, (and not being the most organised of people) it’s one less job for me to faff about getting a ticket to wherever I am going that day in time. I often travel up to West Brompton on the District line and I've been noticing recently that this is a much more reliable service than it used to be.
With three children, I am always taxi-ing them around locally. Five or six years ago it was a nightmare to drive across this part of London, as the traffic lights were always in favour of traffic travelling into or out of town. Now that some of the traffic lights have been re-phased, I have noticed a great improvement, allowing quicker, better journeys in between the main roads.
I'm also very impressed with the Mayor's new street trees. A long road near me has just been planted up with loads of trees at quite close intervals on both sides all the way along. The road already looks much more cared for and friendlier and it makes a real difference to how the neighbourhood looks and feels.
But what has really improved the neighbourhood is the very noticeable increase in local police. You definitely see more around, and it makes the area feel a lot safer.

All these improvements add up to a fine record. I want to see London continue moving forward, which is why I'll be backing Boris in 2012.


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