26 October 2011

Supporter Briefing: Liam burns Ken

Today Ken Livingstone’s attack dog Liam Byrne, whose record as Chief Secretary to the Treasury shows that he's not very good with numbers, launched an attack on Boris Johnson's record as Mayor that has blown up in his face.

Mr Byrne attacked Boris over his commitment to the job using the number of meetings he has held as Mayor as the measure. 

However, he failed to do his sums properly. 

What the official records show is that as Mayor, Boris Johnson has held more than twice as many meetings per month as his predecessor.

If meetings matter so much, then Boris Johnson is twice the Mayor Ken Livingstone was.

On top of more meetings, Boris has visited more boroughs, more often, in just three and a half years as Mayor than Ken Livingstone did in his entire eight year term.

If Mr Byrne wants to talk numbers how about these?

  • Boris Johnson has cut crime by 9%
  • He has frozen his share of council tax while Ken Livingstone increased his by 153%
  • And there will be, at the end of Boris's first term, over 1,000 more police on the beat than he inherited from Ken Livingstone

These are the numbers that matter to Londoners.


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