13 October 2011

Londoners to have greater say in the Royal Parks

Boris Johnson announced this week that a new board for the Royal Parks will be appointed by the Mayor to strengthen the ways in which Londoners can have a voice in the oversight and management of these great assets.

To ensure stability ahead of 2012 when the Royal Parks will play a vital role in the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and the Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Mayor asked several members of the current Royal Parks board to continue in their roles so as to take advantage of their extensive experience. The new board will consist of 12 individuals with three members to represent London boroughs, two members of the Royal Parks senior management team and a member of the Royal Household.

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, commented: ‘London's Royal Parks are a unique asset with national importance, but they are also used by millions on Londoners on a day to day basis. My aim is to ensure that they are managed in a way that best meets the needs of all their users but with Londoners having better ways to have their views taken into account. It is right therefore that the body responsible for its strategic direction has stronger links to the democratically elected Mayor of the city.’


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Posted by Anonymous at 13 October 2011, 18:48

Brilliant idea - get this going quickly!