25 October 2011

BackBoris CF phone canvassing, pt. 3

Last night more than thirty young Boris Backers were joined at CCHQ by Eric Ollerenshaw MP and GLA candidate Chris Hampsheir to call voters across London.

We made nearly a thousand calls and spoke with voters about Boris's strong record as Mayor - cutting crime by 9%, putting more police on the streets, freezing council tax and investing in transport. The response we got was great and people throughout the capital are impressed by what the Mayor has done for Londoners.

We're looking forward to a fun, but hard-fought, campaign and hope to see you get involved.

The next of these fortnightly sessions will take place from 6.30pm on Monday 7th November. Our main speaker at this session will be Nicky Morgan, MP for Loughborough. For more information, please get in touch with Peter Cuthbertson on [email protected]


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