22 September 2011

Mayor cracks down on disruptive roadworks

Boris Johnson has launched a new front in his battle against disruptive roadworks - a dedicated website for reporting problem sites.

Making the announcement at Transport for London's (TfL) traffic nerve centre, Boris Johnson urged Londoners to name and shame the companies whose sites are unattended, cluttered or causing unnecessary delays. Londoners can use the new reporting system to tell TfL which sites need attention so they can take action with the relevant organisations to keep the capital moving.

The Mayor and TfL are setting out a new roadworks pledge outlining what standards Londoners should expect from roadworks sites and calling on borough highway authorities to do the same hold those who dig up roads on their streets fully to account.

To report a problem and see the Roadworks Pledge in full, visit www.tfl.gov.uk/roadworks. On Twitter users can send messages to @report_it with the hashtag #roadworks to report an issue.

The initiatives form part of the Mayor’s longer-term strategy for improving roadworks management to increase coordination amongst organisations and free the streets from unnecessary disruption. Mayor Johnson has successfully lobbied the Government to get laws in place by next year allowing TfL to introduce lane rental schemes, incentivising companies to work more efficiently and at less disruptive times.

Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, said: "Roadworks are a massive headache for Londoners, also levying a heavy toll on our economy. I have already taken action to introduce the UK's first permit scheme which will impose fines on those companies digging up the road that fall short of the high standards this city deserves.

"But like any great battle you have to plan for the next big push. We are now putting in place better ways to empower Londoners to name and shame those who blight our city with disruptive or badly managed roadworks. These reports will followed-up with swift action by the relevant authority to help unclog roads suffering from unnecessary delays."


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