29 September 2011

BackBoris on Campus

London students are Backing Boris in droves - BackBoris on Campus teams have signed up over 1,300 new supporters at Freshers Fairs across the capital.

Kings College London are leading the way nearly 550 new members, followed closely by Westminster, who accumulated 420. With Queen Mary and Kingston both passing the 100 mark, and the newly created University of Greenwich, University of East London and BPP teams enjoying successful fairs, the message about Boris's strong record on cutting crime, investing in transport and creating opportunities for young Londoners is reaching a wide, new audience.

With over half the capital's Freshers Fairs still to come, the future of BackBoris on Campus looks very bright indeed!

To find out more and get involved at your university, visit our campus page: www.backboris2012.com/campus


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