22 July 2011

Record Specials on London's streets

A record number of Metropolitan Police Specials are out on London's streets, helping to make the capital safer.

New figures show that more than 5,000 Londoners are now volunteering as Specials, meaning the city is on target to reach the Mayor's goal of 6,667 by next summer's Olympic Games. Specials wear the same uniform and have the same powers as regular officers - the only difference is that they are unpaid volunteers who give 16 hours a month to help make a real difference to London.

Increasing the number of Specials is part of the Mayor's ambitious Team London plan to get more Londoners involved in their local communities. This major programme seeks to mobilise 10,000 Londoners to create an army of community spirited volunteers focusing on three priority areas - cutting crime, improving quality of life and increasing youth opportunities.

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, said: "Specials do a fantastic job and I am constantly impressed by the extraordinary commitment these wonderful people have to making London a safer city for us all. They provide a reassuring presence across the capital as well as being a vital link between the police and local communities.

"I am calling on all Londoners who have a hankering to do something different and fulfilling to sign up and join the legions of volunteers, who through Team London, are working together to  tackle some of the cities major social issues."


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