28 July 2011

One Year to Go!

Last night was the official one year to go to the start of the Olympics in Trafalgar Square. A few mates and I went down there to get out Boris's record on delivering London 2012 on time and on budget. The Games mean a lot to us so we wanted to show a little bit of our appreciation to Boris for helping to deliver what I think will be the best Olympic games yet.

Back in 2005, when London was first chosen to host the 2012 Olympics, like the majority of my friends I was thrilled that such a massive event was coming to us. Being fairly young at the time I even had dreams of competing at London 2012 (and still do!). The plans for the Olympic Park came out and all the computer simulations were utterly mindblowing - it was the sort of thing I could never have imagined being built in London.
Daniel in Trafalgar Sq.
However, the shine came off the prospect of London 2012 soon after. I remember all the stories about the project going wrong, going over budget, costing ordinary Londoners money that could be spent on police or youth centres. Frankly, I thought this might be a nightmare we could do without - the last thing London needs is the headache of another high profile event.

But now we're a year out from the games and it looks like it's not only going to be delivered on time and now on budget thanks to Boris, but I think it will be the best Olympics ever seen. Even better than Sydney 2000! I can't wait!
- Daniel Odutola, Bromley

For more information on Boirs and the London 2012, please go to http://www.backboris2012.com/olympics


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