28 July 2011

'Boris Bikes' turn 1

Today was the first anniversary of the immensely popular Barclays Cycle scheme. As the rickshaw is synonymous with Dhaka and the gondola with Venice, now London has the 'Boris Bike'.

The Mayor was at the Shepherd's Bush Westfield shopping centre today to celebrate the expansion westward of the cycle hire scheme. I was lucky enough to see Boris there and hear him speak about his plans for the cycle hire scheme's future:

"The idea is a tank strategy." This left some of us confused, but he swiftly went on to explain that his aim is to expand the bike scheme into the outer reaches of London and the Shepherd's Bush extension is just the start.

"By using a tank-like strategy, I aim to punch a hole through the centre of London with the bikes and allow them to fan out on either side."

This is great news for Londoners across the capital who want to an easy alternate to a car or public transport. I left feeling that Boris is really doing an excellent job on transport issues big and small and looking forward to seeing what great plan he'll come up with next.

Sadly, he doesn't have his fleet of tanks to command, but Boris really is taking London by storm with his cycle hire scheme!

-William Broad


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