16 June 2011

Young activists highlight Ken's union links

Last night twelve of us young Boris Backers took to the streets outside Labour Campaign HQ, where Ken Livingstone and Ed Miliband were meeting, to distribute leaflets outlining Ken Livingstone’s abysmal record and his links to the RMT and Trade Union movement.

In just an hour, hundreds leaflets were distributed, both to Labour activists and the general public, and many were surprised to hear about Ken Livingstone’s poor record on council tax – increasing it by 153%, and disturbed to hear about his close connections to Bob Crow, RMT boss and strike fanatic, who last week offered to fund the Labour candidate’s campaign.

Donning masks of Crow, Livingstone and also Labour’s leader Ed Miliband, we drew great attention, both from punters, and also from the Labour party’s activists, who congregated in the lobby of their HQ.

Having gained the support of not just our fellow Londoners, but also local small businesses and public sector employees, the job was well and truly done.

- Report from Nabil Najjar


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