24 June 2011

Umbrellas, waterbottles and Boris bobbleheads

Wondering what these items have to do with the BackBoris2012 campaign?

Well, we're launching a brand new e-shop and these are all things supporters have suggested we include.

And we want to hear more - do you want BackBoris umbrellas? How about t-shirts, Oyster card holders, pens, mugs or cufflinks?

BackBoris merchandise is a fantastic way to show your support for Boris and is also a great way to help the campaign raise money.

So share your ideas for BackBoris merchandise in the comments section - you might just find your suggestion included in our line up when the e-shop goes live later this summer.

From the weird to the wonderful, we want to hear them all, so be creative!


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Posted by Anonymous at 23 March 2012, 16:05

We seriously need more Boris Badges making up. I had two and gave them to other people thinking I’d be able to get more.

Posted by Anonymous at 23 July 2011, 19:15

A Boris Leprechaun for St Patrick’s Day 2012

Posted by Anonymous at 29 June 2011, 15:51

Boris socks!

Posted by Anonymous at 29 June 2011, 15:49

Can we have a Boris wig please! And then we can do a Boris Con!

Posted by Anonymous at 29 June 2011, 09:57

Boris Latin Phrasebook

Posted by Anonymous at 29 June 2011, 09:39

Hair Care
- Boris Comb / Hairbrush
- Boris Shampoo & Conditioner
- Boris Hair Dye (blond, naturally)

- Boris Wig
- Boris Kippah, for the Jewish community
- Boris Bandana
- Boris Baseball Cap
- Boris Beanie Hat (made to look like his hair)

- Boris Belt
- Boris Wallet
- Boris Socks
- Boris Gloves
- Boris Earmuffs
- Boris Tie / Bow-tie

- Boris Earrings
- Boris Lapel Pin
- Boris Wristwatch
- Boris Sovereign Ring

- Boris Towel
- Boris Torch
- Boris Lighter
- Boris Tissues
- Boris Earplugs
- Boris Post-it Notes
- Boris Bright Yellow Highlighter Pen

- Boris Sweets
- Boris Teabags
- Boris French Soft Cheese
- Boris-branded Bottled Water

- Boris Football
- Boris Swimming Cap
- Boris Swimming Trunks
- Boris Cycle Helmet (with Boris’s image)
- Boris Table Tennis Set (bat and balls with Boris’s image)

- Boris Yo-Yo
- Boris Bouncy Ball
- Boris Playing Cards
- Boris Toy Handcuffs
- Boris Toy Truncheon

- Boris Troll Doll
- Boris Garden Gnome
- Boris Rag-doll Cuddly Toy
- Boris Action Figure, with accessories (e.g. bike)

- Boris Baubles
- Boris Wrapping Paper
- Boris Christmas Cards
- Boris Christmas Crackers (with jokes / quotes by Boris)

- Boris-voiced Sat Nav
- Boris Contact Lenses
- Free Boris iPhone App
- Boris Dog Collar / Dog Lead
- Boris Magazine: ‘The Gent’ (Boris’s answer to ‘The Lady’)

Posted by Anonymous at 28 June 2011, 11:57

High Viz cycling tabard thing.

Posted by Anonymous at 28 June 2011, 07:37

Suggest jokey Boris hair wigs!

Posted by Anonymous at 28 June 2011, 04:51

Only discovered the campaign last night! Count me in. I’m there but don’t have the T-shirt - yet!

Posted by Jacob at 26 June 2011, 07:43

Back Boris bags and patches!

Posted by WHS at 24 June 2011, 12:40

Look in the leisurewear or accessories section of any London team’s online club shop for the sort of things that would really sell (as opposed to the sort of cool things I’d really like but only three people would buy) - keyrings, mugs, stationery, shirts… personally I would also buy a Boris calendar, a subtle tie but with a Boris silhouette at the end, and a Boris doll with straggly yellow hair…

Posted by Dorian Perez at 24 June 2011, 10:24

This is a great idea: raise funds for the campaign and give Boris a higher visibility through products.

My suggestions are: ‘Back Boris’ t-shirts, pens (but of good quality, not cheap ones), tea mugs (over-sized, not small), buttons, magnets, mouse pads, key chains, poker cards, and bookmarks.

In addition, since he’s a classics man, you can also produce some products that say ‘Back Boris’ in Ancient Greek, or Latin!

Posted by Daniel at 24 June 2011, 10:16

The umbrellas were the best piece thing ever! please bring them back. i tried to get one last time but only t-shirts were left…

Posted by Nicolas Clark at 24 June 2011, 08:50

Beach towel