29 June 2011

Boris Supporters Gather for Campaign Pub Quiz

Last night saw the first BackBoris2012 campaign pub quiz take place in Central London.

At the well-attended event, teams competed on subjects ranging from culture, history and geography to London trivia for campaign goodies and pride.

The quiz was decided after a tie-break question which saw the "City & East" team win by correctly stating the only tube station in London which had a ‘Z’ in its name.

Next month, supporters from across London will be hosting their own BackBoris pub quizzes - and Boris himself will pop round to several of the quizzes.  Find out more and sign up to host your own quiz:


With many more campaigning and fund raising events to come, the success of the pub quiz is just the start of the long road to May 3rd 2012, but with the support demonstrated last night, there is every reason to be optimistic.


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