22 June 2011

A different politician

From Lynton Crosby, BackBoris2012 Campaign Director:

When I signed on as Campaign Director for Boris's campaign back in 2008, it was immediately clear to me that he stood out as a real character. He was distinctive, unifying and brimming with ideas.  And after 8 long years of Ken Livingstone's misrule, Londoners were eager for a new approach in City Hall.

Just 3 years later, Boris has delivered on his promises to voters:

  • Freezing his share of council tax compared to Ken's 153% rise,
  • Putting more police on the beat and reducing crime by nearly 9% across London,
  • Securing unprecedented Crossrail and Tube upgrades,
  • And delivering Olympics venues on time and under budget.

Next year Londoners will have their chance to vote again for their Mayor. To keep London moving in the right direction, we need your help.  Donate £12 to help re-elect Boris in 2012 and you could be one of 5 donors selected to personally meet with Boris and share your priorities for London.


I'm honored to be working on Boris's campaign once again.  Between Boris's impressive record of achievements, our talented team at HQ, and a dedicated group of supporters like you, we're starting out on the right foot.

But one of the biggest challenges we face in this campaign is complacency.  Make no mistake - this will be a tough campaign.  With less than a year to go, Ken Livingstone is ramping up his efforts and trying to re-write his abysmal record as Mayor.  We can't let him succeed.

Please donate £12 today.  That's less than 4p a day to keep Ken out and continue the progress we've made.



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