28 March 2011

Boris praised over police number boost

Mayor Boris Johnson has just received a ringing endorsement for boosting police number in the capital. Boris is ploughing an extra £42million into policing in London this year meaning the Met can start recruiting again – making it the only force in the country to do so.

Today, policing minister, Nick Herbert, told Sky News: “It is the Mayor who has been able to deliver for Londoners in relation to pledges such as tackling knife crime, putting uniformed officers on transport.

“The Met is the only force in the country that is about to start recruiting again because he has found the money to do that and is driving the efficiencies in the Met.”

He added he wanted to roll out this democratic model across the rest of the country.

The praise comes just weeks after Boris and the Met were heralded as designing the blueprint for policing and cutting crime in the UK.

UPDATE - 29 March 2011

Speaking yesterday at IPPR's 'Who runs the police?' event, policing minister Nick Herbert said:

"And we don’t need to look across the Atlantic to see that an elected individual holding the police to account is popular. In London, Mayor Boris Johnson has delivered on his pledges to tackle knife crime and put uniformed officers on public transport. He has committed to keep cops on the streets- strikingly, at a time when most forces have frozen recruitment, the Met is about to begin hiring officers again. How many Londoners would prefer their police force to answer to an invisible committee?

"The office of the Mayor of London has proved to be popular amongst Londoners, precisely because the Mayor is sensitive to his electorate. Since Boris took greater charge of policing in the capital, the Metropolitan Police Authority has received four and a half time as much correspondence. The people know who to go to and who to hold to account- and they like it."


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