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Wednesday 25 April 2012


Comment on today’s GDP figures.

Boris Johnson said: ‘These figures underline just how critical this election is and who has the most credible, positive and fully-costed plan to drive London out of recession, rather than risk lurching back to the waste and financial mismanagement of the past. Ken Livingstone has admitted that he never had to make a difficult decision as Mayor. He is a politician who can only deal with the times of plenty. Not the tough times.

‘These are not boom years - no money can be wasted. Londoners must have every confidence that their Mayor can stretch every penny to ensure the biggest impact on Londoners’ lives and squeeze every pound from Government so London is recognised for its contribution to the UK economy.

‘Now more than ever we must invest in London’s transport and housing infrastructure because that will create the 200,000 jobs which will grow London’s economy. We cannot put this plan at risk by short term, loan shark economics, such as ripping £1billion out of London’s transport budget, which will hit Londoners at the worst possible time.’

‘Now more than ever, London can’t afford Ken Livingstone.’

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