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Wednesday 18 April 2012


Boris Johnson has today announced that if re-elected he will cut council tax by at least 10% over the next four years – the biggest ever cut in the Mayoral share.

The fully-funded, fully-costed move, which can be delivered while maintaining all services, will ease the financial burden on all Londoners in tough economic times.

It builds on his record of putting City Hall finances on a solid footing and cutting council tax by 16% in real terms. Having cut waste at City Hall, Boris can now go further in a second term and will cut council tax by at least 10% over the four years, with a cut every single year.

The choice at this election is between Boris Johnson, whose record is of cutting waste, freeing up £3.5billion for services and cutting council tax for all Londoners and Ken Livingstone, whose record is of financial mismanagement, waste and hiking up £964 in council tax, hitting all Londoners.

When Boris entered City Hall, the public finances were in a mess after eight years of a bloated, arrogant Ken Livingstone administration, which hiked up council tax by an average of £964 per household to spend on pet political projects.

Boris has spent four years turning this around, cutting £2billion in waste, cleaning up the London Development Agency, putting City Hall’s finances on a solid footing and making the Mayor accountable to Londoners on how he spends their money.

This war on waste has meant Boris has been able to cut council tax by 16% in real terms - while still delivering 1,000 more police on the street, cutting crime by 10.8%, creating a record number of homes and new job opportunities, while also investing £221million in London’s local high streets.

Because he has successfully managed London’s finances, he has been able to get a better deal from No 10 for Londoners, securing £22bn for transport improvements, £90million for more police officers, £300million for more primary school places, £3bn for more housing and £70million to help small businesses.

And because he has restored confidence in City Hall finances, Boris has been able to secure vital private sector funding, which has helped deliver, among other initiatives, the world’s most successful bike hire scheme, relieving pressure on the public purse.

Because Boris has visited almost every borough more times in four years than Ken Livingstone did in his eight years as Mayor, according to the Mayor’s official diaries, and held more people’s questions times, he has been able make sure this money is directed to where Londoners want it spent, rather than on wasteful, political pet projects.


Read full Cutting waste and council tax manifesto chapter at:


Extracts from Boris Johnson’s speech:

‘Four years ago this country was brought to the brink of bankruptcy by the financial mismanagement of the last Labour government. We are now still going through some of the toughest times that anyone can remember, and that is why we cannot afford to go back to the wasteful approach of the previous City Hall administration.

‘When I came to City Hall, I found that money was being fire-hosed away at projects with no conceivable benefit for London. £20,000 on a lunch for Hugo Chavez, £12 m on a communist freesheet, hundreds of millions being spent through the LDA, and the council tax going up relentlessly year after year – costing the average London household £964.

‘We have just learned that the former mayor used his corporate credit card to buy £6000 worth of booze, including 6 bottles of cognac. We have stopped that culture of excess, we have frozen council tax year after year, and by stopping the trajectory of Ken Livingstone’s council tax increases we have effectively already saved Londoners £445.

‘And I now want to explain our approach for the next four years. By exploiting the possibilities of shared services, by bringing in the private sector, we can keep putting council tax money back in the pockets of Londoners.

‘We will cut our share of council tax by 10 per cent. This is a fully funded promise. It does not threaten investment. It is deliverable and we will deliver it by sensible cost-effective and responsible government for London’


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Boris Johnson Cutting Waste and Council Tax Manifesto 2012Boris Johnson Cutting Waste and Council Tax Manifesto 2012

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