Quality of Life

When I ran for Mayor in 2008, I realised how great London is but I also realised how much greater it should be and how much better our quality of life could be. I was aghast at how the previous Mayor had allowed the number of London’s street trees to dwindle and swept away rules maintaining views across the capital of our iconic buildings. Centrally enforced targets resulted in fewer new homes being built than there should have been.

Whereas the previous Mayor bossed Londoners around over climate change and set up pointless quangos, I have implemented measures which will actually bring down our emissions, not just helping our environment but saving us millions in energy bills.

Whenever I'm out in London I take with me this simple principle- "How can I help make Londoners’ lives better?"

Since becoming Mayor in 2008 I have:

  • Invested £6million in improving local parks and planted almost 10,000 new street trees
  • By 2013, I will have given £225million of investment to improving public spaces so all Londoners can enjoy their local communities
  • By 2012, I aim to have turned an extra 2,012 pieces of land into thriving green spaces, allowing Londoners the chance to grow their own food. So far over 800 spaces have been created
  • Protected views of our iconic buildings across London
  • Already retrofitted 42 GLA buildings in a programme to make them much more energy efficient, thus far saving Londoners £1million a year in energy bills.
  • Started a programme that will help 200,000 households save on their bills by making their homes more energy efficient
  • Begun a green car revolution- 1,300 electric vehicle charging points will be installed across London by 2013, which is more than the number of petrol stations in the capital
  • Secured £22million to turn derelict, abandoned and blighted buildings into affordable family homes, with at least 2,000 of them brought back into use
  • Delivered over 26,000 extra affordable homes
  • By the end of my Mayoralty, I will have delivered 50,000 extra affordable homes –more than ever before in a single mayoral term
  • 40% of new social rented homes are now family sized

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