Fighting London's Corner

London is the engine room of the UK’s economy and over the last three years I have consistently fought to create the most competitive environment for London, its industry, its businesses and its people.  Wherever I go I bang the drum for investment in the capital. And because we export up to £16 billion in taxes to the rest of the country every year I unashamedly fight for a fairer deal for London and also to protect our economy from ill-thought out regulation.

Since becoming Mayor in 2008 I have:

  • Led the campaign to protect London's position as the world’s financial capital. I fought new regulations from the EU that would have wrecked much of London’s competitiveness.
  • Fought for, secured and am now delivering the biggest ever upgrade of London's transport network. This will see Crossrail and the Tube upgrades delivered in full. All Londoners will benefit from more reliable and comfortable journeys.
  • Secured a £23million investment to help small businesses survive through easier access to loans, advice and City Hall contracts
  • Eased the burden on small businesses by delaying Phase 3 of the Low Emissions Zone which could have seen older vans hit by fines of up to £500 per day
  • Ensured London gets the homes it needs. We are on track to deliver a record 50,000 new affordable homes - more than in any other Mayoral term – to house London’s growing population.
  • Championed investment in London abroad on every trip as opposed to meeting with Latin American socialists.
  • Integrated London’s promotional agencies - Think London, Study London and Visit London - saving money and ensuring the capital gets more bang for its international buck. My “Only in London” campaign cost £2million but generated nearly £100million for the London economy.

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