A Leaner and More Accountable City Hall

When you voted me your Mayor in 2008, I entered City Hall and was staggered at the largesse and waste by the previous administration. I ran for Mayor because I believe London is a great city, but it could be greater still if only City Hall’s resources were more effectively marshalled.

My passion for honest, earnest and open governance has led me to do the following since being elected Mayor in 2008:

  • Eased the burden on households by freezing City Hall’s share of council tax for 3years and cutting it in 2012/3 following 8 years of continuous rises amounting to a 152% increase. This will save Londoners £445.05.
  • Scrapped pointless taxes like the £25 congestion charge for family vehicles
  • Reduced the cost of London Government - amounting to £2.4billion of savings by 2013
  • Cut the City Hall media budget by 20%, saving Londoners £700,000
  • Scrapped Ken Livingstone’s propaganda sheet ‘The Londoner’, which cost £3.1 million a year
  • Ended the previous Mayor’s use of taxpayer funded first class travel, reducing the Mayor’s travel budget by hundreds of thousands of pounds
  • Ordered the regular publication of all City Hall payments over £500
  • Increased public meetings so Londoners can question me directly more often on the issues that affect them

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