When I entered City Hall in 2008 – I inherited a city with significant problems: rising crime, a transport system creaking at capacity and suffering from years of neglect, waste, inefficiencies, a breakdown of community relations and empty, unfunded promises.
I made five key pledges to Londoners and after just three and a half years as Mayor I have delivered on every single one. This is a proud record, from driving down crime by increasing police numbers to making your transport system one of the safest in Europe. We have done all this while saving thousands of taxpayers’ money by freezing our share of council tax.
But more than that, I have also secured for Londoners Crossrail and the biggest upgrade of London's Tube network ever and improved its reliability in the face of a tough public spending round.
See how I have made the lives of Londoners better.

Tackling Crime in the Capital
In 2008 it was my first priority to make London safer. I promised to crackdown on crime and over the past three years I have increased the number of police on the streets pushing crime down by 10.8%. But there is never time for complacency - no-one should be made to suffer from crime, the fear of crime or anti-social behaviour and it is my duty to bear down on these scourges.
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Keeping London Moving
For too long Londoners have been forced to put up with a creaking transport system. You have suffered as a result of a lack of investment, stalled talks and the disastrous consequences of Public-Private-Partnership contract. I understand how a bad journey in the morning can really affect your day. I am therefore working to make the public transport we all rely on more reliable and efficient. I am also working to smooth London’s traffic, which will not only reduce motorists’ blood pressure but also save capital’s businesses millions of pounds.
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Leaner and More Accountable City Hall
When I came into City Hall I was amazed by the vast amount of waste, costing London taxpayers millions and millions of pounds. I immediately set to work, ruthlessly cutting it out, making our decisions more transparent, with everything at City Hall driven to deliver more for less.
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Fighting in London's Corner
London is the powerhouse of the UK economy, exporting billions of pounds of taxes to the rest of the country and I spend every working moment fighting your corner. I constantly bang the drum for investment in London and work for a fairer deal from central government to create the most competitive environment for business.
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Quality of Life
I want to see Londoners enjoying the best quality of life that a big city can offer. Our public spaces are becoming places Londoners want to go and not simply pass through. I have improved parks and squares using the best design and removing unnecessary and ugly clutter. We are reducing London’s carbon emissions, not only protecting the environment but also saving Londoners millions of pounds in energy bills.
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Making the Most of the Olympics
Next year the eyes of the world are going to be on London for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Along with most Londoners I was concerned about the spiralling costs of the Games but I have brought that under control. I also want to see a legacy arising from the Games that will last for generations.
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Youth Opportunities
I know people are concerned London’s young people often seem not to have anything to do. We are also just emerging from the worst recession since the 1930s, which has driven up youth unemployment to well over 15%. I am working to increase opportunities for young Londoners.
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