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Boris Johnson has cut crime by 10.8% as well as putting 1,000 more police on the beat, doubling the number of Special Constables, investing an extra £132 million, taking 11,000 knives off the street, cracking down on gangs, banning alcohol and reducing crime on public transport, so the London Underground is the safest metro system in Europe.

In London under his mayoralty:

  • Overall crime is down 10.8%.
  • Robberies are down 16.3%.
  • Murders down 25.9%.
  • Youth violence down 13.8%.
  • Bus crime down 32.9%.
  • Tube crime down 20%.
    (MOPC, Monthly Report: Police and Crime Committee, 8 March 2012; GLA, Press Release, 21 February 2011, link).
  • 1,000 more police. By May this year there will be 1,000 more police officers on the street than when Boris Johnson was elected as Mayor in May 2008 (Mayor of London, The Mayor’s Consultation Budget, 22 December 2011, link).
  • Doubled the number of Special Constables. Under Boris Johnson, the number of Special Constables has more than doubled from 2,500 to well over 5,000 (MPA Website, Police numbers, link).
  • Invested an extra £132 million in the Met despite budgets being cut elsewhere.  The Mayor’s 2011 Budget secured an extra £42 million for the Met and a recent £90 million from the Treasury, which has increased total additional investment to £132 million (GLA, Mayor’s Final Budget 2011-12, link; Evening Standard, 30 January 2012, link).
  • Taken 11,000 knives and guns off the streets (Mayor of London, Mayor of London’s Annual Report 2010-2011, May 2011, link).
  • Cracked down on gangs. In February 2011 the MPS launched a major new crackdown on gang crime.  It saw 200 people arrested in the first day and there are 19 priority boroughs, including Hackney (Mayor of London, Press Release, 8 February 2012, link).
  • Banned alcohol on public transport. Boris Johnson’s ban on alcohol on public transport in London came into force on 1 June 2008 (TfL, Press Release, 30 May 2008, link).
  • Cut crime and violence on public transport.  Violence on buses has been cut by 21%. Figures for the last full year (2010/11) show violence against person at 6,576 offences, (TfL, Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour Statistical Bulletin, Q2 11/12, Table 2.1, link) a 21% reduction on the 8,400 offences it stood at in Ken Livingstone's last year in office.
  • Tube crime has been cut by 20%. Since the end of 2007 tube crime has fallen by 20% – making London Underground the safest metro system in Europe (TfL, Press Release, 21 February 2011, link).

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