Ensuring a true Olympic legacy

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London is ready for the Olympics. The infrastructure is in place and the city is brimming with excitement. Boris Johnson has dedicated himself over the past four years to making sure the Olympics run smoothly and that there is a long lasting legacy for all Londoners.

To ensure a true Olympic legacy Boris has:

  • Delivered the Olympic Stadium on time and under budget. The Olympic Stadium in Stratford was completed in March 2011, taking just 1,000 working days, and came in £10 million under budget (Evening Standard, 8 October 2009, link; Evening Standard, 29 March 2011, link).
  • Ensured a lasting economic legacy for all Londoners. To ensure a lasting economic legacy, Boris drew up his Legacy Action Plan which resulted, in 2009, in him setting up the Olympic Park Legacy Company (OPLC) – the body responsible for the Park after the Games. This has put London in the strongest position to benefit from the projected £5.9 billion boost the Olympics will give to the UK economy. (OPLC, Press Release, link; Daily Telegraph, 10 September 2010, link).
  • Converting the Olympic village into 11,000 new homes. Boris and the OPLC will oversee the conversion of the athletes’ village into 11,000 new homes for Londoners – 40% of which will be family homes. (GLA, 100 Great things about the Games, #34, link; OLPC Website, ‘Housing’, link).
  • Creating 10,000 new jobs through Olympic regeneration. Starting in 2013, conversion of the Olympic village will create a thriving new community with schools, shops, health and community centres, which in turn will generate up to 10,000 new permanent jobs (OLPC Website, ‘Facilities’, link; OLPC Website, ‘Employment’, link).
  • Regeneration of Lower Lea Valley. Boris and the OPLC will also ensure the Park regenerates the canals, rivers and parkland of the previously neglected Lower Lea Valley.  (OPLC Website, ‘Open Spaces’, link).

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