Creating 200,000 new jobs

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Boris Johnson’s plan will create almost 200,000 new jobs across London over the next four years, while at the same time providing London with the improvements and investment it needs.

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Jobs will be created through:

  • Affordable housing: 100,000 jobs. Boris Johnson has pledged to build 55,000 affordable homes by 2015, creating 100,000 new jobs (GLA, Press Release, 13 December 2011, link).
  • Tube upgrades: 18,275 jobs. Boris Johnson has said that he will invest £4.6 billion in tube upgrades, creating 18,275 new jobs (TfL, London Underground Factsheet, January 2012, link).
  • Crossrail: 14,000 jobs.  Boris Johnson will invest £15.9 billion in Crossrail, creating 14,000 new jobs in London (HMT, Spending Review, 22 October 2010, p.23, link).
  • Olympics jobs: 10,000 jobs. As a result of the London Olympics 11,000 new homes are being built which will result in 10,000 jobs (OLPC Website, ‘Housing’, link; OLPC Website, ‘Employment’, link).

An additional 57,500 jobs are estimated to be created through:

  • Royal Docks Enterprise Zone: 1,500 jobs. These include jobs with Siemens (230 hotdesk and 50 new permanent jobs). The Enterprise Zone projections show 7,600 to 12,700 permanent jobs by 2027 (Enterprise Zones and private sector projections).
  • European Regional Development Fund contracted jobs (post 2011): 2,300 (ERDF).
  • European Regional Development Fund (2008) still in delivery: 4,700 (ERDF).
  • Greenwich Peninsula: 4,000. The Homes and Communities Agency estimates the Greenwich Peninsula development will create 4,000 jobs (HCA).
  • Mayor Regeneration Fund: 3,000. Jobs associated with the projects funded by the MRF are indicated to be 3,000 (MRF).
  • Mayor Regeneration Fund (temporary construction jobs): 500. Temporary construction jobs associated with the projects funded by the MRF in Haringey are indicated to be 500 (MRF).
  • Northern Line Extension: 2,500. The Northern Line Extension was announced in the Autumn Statement. Early estimates predict that this will create 2,500 jobs (Autumn Statement, 29 November 2011, link).
  • Outer London Fund: 700. New jobs created by the development schemes resulting from, or unlocked by, the OLF will be around 700 (Economic and Business Policy Unit, GLA (EBPU)).
  • Green Jobs: 4,300. A combination of jobs created by RE:NEW/RE:FIT, the Green Deal ramp up and Decentralised Energy Contracts are estimated at 4,300 (D&E).
  • Part Time jobs: 20,000. A new programme to be developed by EBPU will create around 20,000 new part time jobs (EBPU).
  • Foreign Direct Investment: 14,000. The Mayor’s agency to promote London to international investors estimates that 14,000 jobs will be created through Foreign Direct Investment (London & Partners)

Creating 200,000 new jobs over the next four years

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