Putting £445 back in your pocket

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Boris Johnson’s council tax freezes over three successive years have saved the average London household up to £445.

  • Under Boris Johnson, council tax has been frozen three years in a row
  • And cut by 1% for the fourth year
  • Whereas under Ken Livingstone, the Mayor’s council tax precept increased by an average of 12.58% a year. In total, he put it up 152% which cost the average London household £964
  • Assuming a base figure of £310, households have therefore saved £445 under Boris Johnson
  • Overall, this means a 16% real terms cut over four years (GLA, Press Release, 1 February 2012, link).

Boris Johnson has been able to keep council tax low by cutting £3.5 billion of wasteful spending.

  • Boris Johnson is making £3.5 billion of savings across the GLA group over the life of his administration, including from the abolition of the London Development Agency (LDA) (GLA, Mayor’s Final Draft Consolidated Budget 2012-13, Part 1, 1 February 2012, p. 3, link).

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