Negotiating a better deal from No. 10

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Londoners have already benefitted from Boris Johnson’s excellent working relationship with No. 10. Boris has secured full funding for the £15.9 billion Crossrail project and construction has started. The Crossrail project is creating 14,000 jobs for Londoners, providing a boost to London’s economy (HMT, Spending Review, 22 October 2010, p.23, link).

Other benefits of Boris’s positive working relationship with No. 10 include:

  • Securing money for Crossrail by working constructively with the Government. Construction started at Canary Wharf in 2009 and tunnelling will start in the spring of 2012. (The Guardian, 20 October 2010, link; Crossrail Website, ‘Canary Wharf’, link; Crossrail, Press Release, 14 December 2011, link).
  • Protecting police numbers after the Olympics by securing £90 million from the Government. Boris persuaded the Treasury to invest £90m to keep police numbers at around 32,500 after the Olympics (Evening Standard, 30 January 2012, link).
  • Tackling congestion by introducing a permit scheme, (Mayor of London, Press Release, 11 January 2010, link.), which has resulted in a 17% cut in the number of road works by utility companies (London Councils, London Permit Scheme: First Year Evaluation Report, 27 May 2011, p. 6, link; GLA, Press Release, 30 December 2011, link).
  • Ensuring the Lane Rental Scheme by working with No. 10. The lane rental scheme will charge utility companies up to £2,500 a day to dig up roads at busy times (TfL, Press Release, 22 August 2011, link. DfT has just tabled legislation for lane rental.)

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